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Well, as we all have the joy of deliberating what to wear each morning, most appropriate outfit being a Peter Storm Anorak & Flip Flops. Our chefs are busy creating our new summer menu due to launch in early July.

We’ve already started doing some special salads at lunchtime for when the sun is shining but our Braised Belly Pork & Thyme Mash continues to fly out on those cold rainy days, perfect with a large glass of Malbec (Bin 7). Finished off with, our back by popular demand, Chocolate Brownie. “Chocolate comes from Cocoa, which is a tree, that makes it a plant. Therefore Chocolate is Salad!!!” So should I say our “Salad Brownie?”

Finally as we haven’t completely left the cold behind there is no better way to spend your Sunday than in the warm by candlelight with Rare Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding with a bottle of AGA Tinto (Bin 35) the latest addition to our list.

So whether it is umbrellas up, or sunglasses on, we look forward to welcoming you all.

Sean, Ellie, Simon, Becky, Hebe, Magda, Gemma, Luke, Jo, Adis, Lotte, Ollie, Amelia, Jenna, Avdyl, Darek, David, Wojciech, Jan, Hamish, Andrew & Ed