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Winter Continues……

Tree down. Relatives gone. Bank Account in shock. A Dress size gained. Yes, it looks like we have all just experienced another Christmas!

For those of you who are doing “Dry January” we salute you, you are clearly made of stronger stuff than us. I think Kevin & Jenny our lovely regulars had the right idea when they said “Four days of that is quite sufficient!” If you are still hanging in there, may we recommend a Fentimans Ginger Beer over ice with a splash of lime cordial and a squeeze of fresh lime it really is quite lovely and you can kid yourself it is a Moscow Mule!

For those of you who think the only way to get through these days where the sky looks like it is permanently 4.30pm and you know at some point you will be rained on may we suggest GIN!! We are really pleased to now have Harrogate Slingsby Gin to sit alongside our other favourites Gordons & Bombay Sapphire.

Alternatively try our new Steak and Black Sheep Ale Pie which can be paired perfectly with a large glass of Argentinian Malbec (BIN 7), this weather demands we have the correct fuel! On the plus side it is still cold enough outside for us to hide under big jumpers and coats which suits me just fine as not one but two of my favourite desserts have made a reappearance, the Lime & Stem Ginger Cheesecake and the Rhubarb and Apple Crumble….decisions decisions.

So in a nutshell, Eat whatever want, and if anyone tries to lecture you about your weight…………………………… eat them too!!!

Happy 2016 to all of you, from all of us,

Ellie, Emma, Michael, Vinny, Paul, Magda, Woj, Gemma, Darek, Kirstin, Tish, Jan, Andrew & Adam xxx