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As our Summer has been a combination of Rivieria sunshine & a scene from Noah’s Ark I think we should all just embrace the season change as at least we will know what to wear in the morning, plus Desserts are so much better when it is colder…..welcome back to “The Crumble”, we have missed you. Possibly not quite as much as Mr Keith Stott!!!!

We are also really excited to be introducing lots of other new dishes to our menu, and as always our team of Chefs have worked really hard to source some excellent locally sourced seasonal produce.

Stand out dishes for us when we tried them all (I know it is a hard job but somebody had to quality control them on your behalf!) were the Madras Spiced Salmon and the Wild Mushroom & Tarragon Strudel with not a vegetarian between us it really is lovely. The Featherblade of Beef is also a delicious dish and goes perfectly with a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon (Bin 31) and if you want to hang on to a little bit of summer our Wild Boar Rose (Bin 37) is an excellent half way house.

Final News…we will now be opening in the evening from 5.30pm instead of 6 by popular demand. So for those of you who work at a normal time you don’t have to wait for us anymore we will be here and open!

So Big Jumpers means we can all start eating Desserts again!!!

Happy Nearly Autumn,

Ellie, Ben, Vinny, Michael, Jenna, Magda, Gemma, Kirstin, Joanna, Adis, Lotte, Felix, Hamish, Avdyl, Darek, Woj, Andrew & Jan

PS. Christmas Menu is ready and the organised brigade are already booking tables – but we won’t talk about that yet!!!