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Well there is no getting away from it, Christmas is well and truly upon us, the decorations are up, the Christmas Parties have started to arrive, some wearing splendid Christmas jumpers and lots of people have gone totally stark raving mad in Asda across the country throwing flat screen tellies at each other!!

However, we at The Tannin Level know that it is the time of year for giving so we decided (aka whipped the excellent idea off Dean & Sarah Jane @ our sister restaurant Deano’s) throughout December we will be giving each table a voucher to spend with us in January & February based simply on the fact those months can always be a bit of an anti-climax combined with your credit card bill dropping on your doormat! So we do hope you enjoy your Christmas gift from us and we see you all again in 2015….thankfully you don’t have to wait that long for some great things to make you smile. Making Sean smile this month is the long awaited return of the Chianti (Bin 32) a brilliant red to accompany your Sunday lunch while others battle with the cold and queues in M and S. We know where we’d rather be!

The Seafood Pancake continues to fly out and get great reviews so we’re really pleased we took Team Cowans advice and took it straight from the Specials Board onto our menu. So now we’ve decked the halls with boughs of holly why not join us for a bottle of Prosecco (Bin 41), some great food and let Hoopers gift wrap your presents!

So as we prepare to ‘Deck the Halls with boughs of Holly’ we look forward to feeding & watering you all…

We would all like to wish you a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year,

Sean, Ellie, Vinny, Simon, Becky, Hebe, Magda, Gemma, Luke, Jo, Adis, Lotte, Ollie, Amelia, Jenna, Avdyl, Darek, Martin, Wojciech, Jan, Hamish, Andrew & Ed