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As the words, “I’m bored” are replaced with, “I can’t find my PE kit” it can only mean one thing……the end of Summer. This does however mean that proper comfort food is back and the option to eat as many desserts as you like knowing the big jumpers are coming out again.

Autumn / Winter and The Tannin Level are like Gin & Tonic, Bangers & Mash, Crumble & Custard – simply made for each other. Coming in out of the cold, dark, wet,
snow and hail (probably all the above) into our cosy candlelit basement restaurant is a must.

You may just fancy a bowl of hot fresh homemade soup (no tin opener here), or to take advantage of our Express Early Bird Menu which now runs all evening on a Tuesday. If you like your seafood why not try our Seafood Night on a Wednesday. Two courses for £16 and 1/2 bottle of wine for just £5!! What’s not to love?!

Our stand out favourites on the menu are the Pan Fried Duck Breast – Duck Fat Roasties, Spinach, Sticky Red Cabbage & a Cherry Jus. Follow this up with the White &
Dark Chocolate Mousse – Mini Meringues. Amelia feels a need to quality control this dessert every shift she works…I know, she is very conscientious.

So happy Autumn to you All,

Ellie, Jacob, Emma, Magda, Darek, Tish, Woj, Freya, Amelia, Charlotte, Cameron, Georgia, Ben Theo, Dom, Kirstin, Lottie, Beth & Gemma xxx